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How to remedy the aircraft parts damaged?
Published:2015-4-10   Views:1537

Loader after long time use, hard to avoid can appear some damage, so when the loader accessories in different parts of the loader damage, how can we remedy?

First, if everybody when using the loader to serious wear and tear, you will need to long to join in the loader bucket tooth material, so as to make the normal work of loader.

Second, if everyone appeared when using loader bucket tooth abrasion, it should be points situation to deal with the loader accessories. If the bucket tooth wear is not particularly serious, so only need to welding on the tooth is ok. If the bucket tooth wear is particularly big, you will need to full welding on the bucket teeth.

Loader while performance is very stable, but if you ignore the maintenance of loader accessories, so will be in use for a long time have been severely damaged. So I hope everybody everyday when using loader can pay attention to the maintenance of loader accessories.

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